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Group Administration

Use the Group Portal to get instant access to your account information.


The Further Group Portal is your one-stop-shop for managing your company’s spending accounts. The Group Portal gives you instant access to your account information and the ability to complete transactions online, which means less paperwork and a better use of your time and resources. Once registered, you can begin to experience the convenience and control it provides.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is participant enrollment information due?
Enrollment information is due to Further 30 days prior to your renewal effective date.
When I receive my renewal form, what should I do if there are no changes to our plan?
You may keep your current plan design for the new year.  A completed form is not required to be returned and your plan will be automatically renewed with the same features and options as the previous year.
Why does this site use cookies?
This site uses session cookies so we can give you information specific to your employer, coverage plan and personal accounts. Cookies also allow us to maintain the continuity and security of your online session. When your browser is installed, it’s automatically set to accept cookies. If you’ve changed your browser settings to disable cookies, each time you go to this site you’ll get a message that you need to accept cookies to use the site. To avoid repeatedly receiving these messages, set your browser to accept cookies without notification or warning. The method for changing your browser settings varies from browser to browser. If in doubt, refer to your browser’s help menu.





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