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Further FAQ

This page is intended to help answer any questions you may have about our name and brand change from SelectAccount to Further.

Why is SelectAccount changing its name?

We are changing our identity to better tell the story of who we are and why we’re different. Our original vision still holds true – to help people live healthier lives. Importantly, our name change shows our focus on the future. We’re building upon the strong culture of what we already do so well—going above and beyond, or in other words, further.

Why Further?

We strongly believe that everyone’s health care journey is unique, and the landscape is always changing. And frankly, that journey can be too complicated for most people to traverse on their own. We believe that when an individual feels they’re on solid ground financially, they can make more informed health choices. We believe health finance companies, like ours, should be part of the solution. That’s what drives us. A person’s health and happiness should come ahead of dollars and cents.

We’re evolving every point of interaction between money and health, so it better works for our members. If we can help consumers seamlessly connect health and finance so they can spend every day wisely, we all win. In the end, our goal is for our customers to know that we’ve taken them Further.

When will the full rebrand occur?

We will officially transition to Further on Monday, April 2.

Will our address change?

While our name is changing, our address and PO box will remain the same.
PO Box 64193
Saint Paul MN 55164 - 9828

For questions, who do I contact?

For questions regarding the Further brand, please contact the Further marketing department at

What are SelectAccount email addresses changing to?

All employee emails and general shared inboxes will be updated to Employee emails will become Any general shared SelectAccount inboxes will remain active through 2018. If you use a shared inbox, the autoreply will detail what the inbox email address has changed too. 

What existing materials will be updated with the new brand on April 2?

All existing SelectAccount materials are in the process of getting updated to the new branding. While we worked to have as many of the changes ready as possible by our April 2018 launch, there may be items that will take more time.

Are the websites and portals changing more than the logo and name?

The member portal will be a new experience for users. The public website, [ or partner SSO link], will have a new design and new content. The Learning Center will include some new materials associated with the brand change.

What changes are coming to the portal?

The member portal is being redesigned on a new platform to be more user-friendly. Changes include:

  • A redesigned homepage so members can see at a quick glance balances for all their spending accounts in one location.
  • A quick view of the most recent account transactions across all accounts.
  • The homepage and other key pages now include quick links to the most common tasks users need to do.
  • Reorganized account and profile settings to make it simple for members to update their information in one place.
  • New health savings account (HSA) members will receive a simple, personalized task list that helps them better understand their account.

The agent and group portals will also have a new look, but there will be no functionality/navigational changes. Users will find it easy to get where they need to go.

Will the users of the portal have any password issues?

User ID and access will remain the same.

How will this impact contracts and agreements?

SelectAccount-branded service agreements and plan documents will remain in effect and will not be reissued unless there is a plan change or update that warrants a new agreement. All contracts and agreements will begin using the Further name starting on April 1.

What operations-focused items are NOT being updated?

SelectAccount-branded videos, aside from the Online Group Portal Tour, will be taken down in the short-term. New Further-branded videos will come as we update open enrollment content. In the interim, please visit the Learning Center for reference tools and materials.

What about the ACH processes and transactions?

Financial transactions with us will now show Further. Groups who use ACH, please ensure the proper internal teams are aware of these changes so that there is no confusion with this important change. 

Will the Secure FTP Site change? 

Groups who use Secure File Transfer (SFT) folders to send files to SelectAccount can continue to use the existing script and file path. The folder remains named /Distribution/MII_SELECTACCT_IN.  As we update the file folder names, we will communicate any impact. 

Groups who sign in to the site will see new a default folder called /Distribution/Further and can drop files there. 

Will debit cards be updated?

Debit cards will change their look starting in May 2018. We will not immediately start sending out newly branded cards nor replace all existing SelectAccount debit cards. Cards that are not replaced will continue to work as originally communicated.

What about those groups who have SSO set up?

There is no action needed if your group is set up to Single Sign On (SSO) from another website into the SelectAccount service portals. Continue to sign in as you always have.

Will SelectAccount notify any third-party benefit administrator vendors of this change?

No, if groups work with a third-party benefit administrator vendor, it is the responsibility of the group to ensure they provide them notification of the branding and any information they need. We can provide an email template if needed.

I currently use eVault to store my receipts. Has there been a change to this with the brand refresh?

To better serve our members, we’re making some improvements to eVault, our document storage tool. You will be able to find the document storage tool by clicking on My Profile > My Records and Receipts when you’re logged into the member portal. The storage tool, which is being renamed to My Records and Receipts, will not be available when the member portal changes into Further branding on April 2. We anticipate My Records and Receipts will launch in late May.

If you have receipts that were currently saved in eVault, they will not be affected by this change. However, you will not be able to access them until we relaunch the tool. Once My Records and Receipts is accessible, you’ll be able to upload and store receipts as you always have, but there will be additional details to match the receipt to an expense. In the meantime, you can attach documentation directly to your transaction when you request a new reimbursement or pay a bill. You can find this functionality on the member portal in the tasks menu on the home page.

What is

 [ or partner SSO link] is our new company site url. It replaces as the main site we will place on all of our materials. We added the “hello” to the front of the url simply because we could not own by itself at this point.

What will happen if users go to

Users will be redirected to our new [ or partner SSO link] site. This redirect will be in place for the foreseeable future.

Will the mobile app be updated?

Yes. But users must take action to ensure the updates are made to the application. Those will settings in place to allow auto-updates will see the update take place on April 2. Those who need to update manually should take the following actions:


  1. Go to App Store/Updates
  2. Scroll pending updates – Look for Further icon (yellow icon with “plus” spark symbol)
  3. Run update
  4. Open updated App


  1. Go to Play Store/Menu
  2. Go to My Updates
  3. Scroll pending updates – Look for Further icon (yellow icon with “plus” spark symbol)
  4. Run update
  5. Open updated App

With SelectAccount rebranding to Further, how will our social media channels be affected?

All of our social media channels will now be Further-branded.

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