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Support employees during enrollment

Your employees have decided to enroll in an HSA. Now what? Continue to support them during enrollment by helping them make their elections and letting them know what to expect.

Help your employees enroll

You can either gather enrollment elections from your employees and submit them to us, or have employees open their own accounts. Your Further representative can help you determine the best method for enrolling your members. You can contact our group services line with questions at 1-888-460-4013.

Use the Group Portal

Monitor and manage your group’s Further benefits.

Need to manage enrollment via mail?

Inform employees about what comes next

Once enrollment has been processed, your employees will start to receive their welcome letters and debit cards. Make sure they're aware that their debit card will come in a plain white envelope. 

Encourage employees to consolidate funds

Make sure your employees understand the benefit of moving funds from their old accounts into their new HSA. A bigger base balance means more interest that they can accrue. If they have funds they wish to move, provide them with the following forms:

HSA one-time IRA rollover request form: Authorizes a one-time rollover of funds from an employee’s IRA to an HSA.

HSA transfer request form: Authorizes transferring an employee’s current HSA into a Further HSA.

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