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How to Submit a Never Received Pass Claim for TRA Benefits

If you do not have your pass in hand to use as of the first day of the month, simply purchase the pass you need and submit a “never received pass” claim so you can be refunded for that expense. This form must be submitted by the 10th of the benefit month.

To submit a claim for a lost or “never received” pass

  1. Sign in at (this will include additional sign-in steps for SSO partner portals)
  2. Go to My Orders under the My Accounts section
  3. Click Product Didn't Arrive to go to the claims page - NOTE: the Claim button will only appear between the 1st through the 10th of the benefit month*
  4. Fill out the claim form
  5. Send us the claim form by clicking the Submit Claim button

*Claims submitted after the 10th of the benefit month are outside of the claims policy. You can still submit the Never Received Pass Claim Form via fax, however, claims submitted after the deadline are subject to denial.