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Suggesting New Content and Updates

This page outlines the methods and process for suggesting new or updated content. It also lays out expected turnaround for each type of content suggestion.

How to suggest changes

Content is initiated through one of the following methods:

  • A content editor identifies the need for an update or new article.
  • Someone internally submits a documentation request using the SAMarketing inbox, the Marketing Request form via Salesforce (the preferred method for Sales, Account Executives, Sales Support, and Client Ops), or by reaching out directly.
    • All requests should go to the Publisher, currently Kate Hovland. 

 Required information

  • PRIORITY: Suggestions containing content (even if it's just a bulleted outline of the content).
  • When suggesting an update, provide explanation for why it's needed and quantify if possible (e.g., "we receive calls from members about this several times a month" or "group managers ask this at every site visit.")
  • Expected turnaround of completing suggested changes and updates from content editors is as follows:

Expected turnaround

Type of Change


Fixing a typo, misspelling, or formatting error

24 hours (no SME review and no mention in the weekly updates email)

Adding a small section to an existing page (information for the update is submitted with the request)

1 week

Updating an existing page (information not provided in the request; the editor must perform research)

1.5 weeks

New page (information is submitted with the request)

1.5 weeks

New page (information not provided in the request, the editor must perform research)

2 weeks

Printed Collateral

4 weeks


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