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Strategic Partner Options

When a strategic partner or key account comes on board, we have a few options for meeting their branding and customization needs.

  1. Encourage use of the regular Further learning site. 
    This is ideal because eventually we will move toward SSO and that will address most branding needs. This option comes with the least overhead on our side and serves our groups very well.
  2. Provide a Partner Solutions site.
    This is a site that has been completely branded for the partner, with the exception of the URL (which will still retain "hellofurther" as the top-level domain). This is the most work, but provides the most customization for the client. It is very important that we reserve this option for very large strategic partners. This option allows us to host branded experiences that are publicly available (do not require login).
    Any links to the learning site in the member portal will be changed over to their custom landing page, however links in the portal to specific articles/pages will NOT be changed.
  3. Provide a cobranded landing page on the learning site.
    For key accounts with branding needs, we can host a landing page that allows us to display their brand and offer a customized list of links into the content that is highly relevant to the mix of products that organization is offering. 
    This solution does NOT include a custom mobile app. The mobile app links to the learning center, and we do not have the capability to change those links for cobranded partners. This should be a consideration in determining whether this solution is the right fit for the partner.

Before offering options #2 and 3, you MUST discuss this with our Carrier Marketing Manager, Stephany Carpenter.

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