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SelectAccount Production 2


This page outlines responsibilities across the company for ensuring that content is up-to-date and accurate.

Learning site administrators

This person is responsible for making admin-level changes to the site, such as updating global and conditional variables (variables are the bits of code that resolve to a commonly used word or phrase, e.g. company name, yearly limits, etc.). 

  • Doc Harper
  • Kate Hovland

Content Owner

This person is responsible for monitoring, updating, and adding content on the site.

  • Doc Harper

Subject Matter Area Reviewers 

This team is responsible for reviewing all drafted articles sent from the Editor team. 

  • CSR Techs:
    • Francine LeMoine/Rosie Kozlowski (cc)
    • Kelsey Ringstad
  • COMS: Alicia Lenz
  • Account Administrator Coordination and Contributions:
    • Kathleen Moench
    • John Ruby
    • Julie Dukart
  • Account Managers: Anne Larsen
  • Sales: Joel Stitch
  • Compliance:
    • Ryan McArton
    • Diane Slyman
  • Transactions and Quality:
    • Becky Forschen
    • Jina Weis - Claims
    • Thea McCrossen - Quality Assurance
  • Documentation Management: Dan Koeneman
  • Forms management: Jenna Hedlund
  • Partner learning site experiences:
    • Dyan Daniels - CareFirst
    • Craig Romano - Horizon

Updates Inform list

This list receives a weekly email with all updates to the site. 

  • PDL Market Development
  • PDL SA Sales and Acct Mgmt Teams
  • PDL SelectAccount Service
  • PDL SA Strategy & Product


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