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This page outlines responsibilities across the company for ensuring that content is up-to-date and accurate.

Learning site administrators

This person is responsible for making admin-level changes to the site, such as updating global and conditional variables (variables are the bits of code that resolve to a commonly used word or phrase, e.g. company name, yearly limits, etc.). 

  • Kate Hovland
  • Back-up site administrator: Alex Krasney


This person monitors and assigns content requests and publishes updates on a weekly basis. 

  • Pete Ryan

Content Editor team

This team is responsible for turning content requests into article drafts.

  1. Javen Ackerman
  2. Jodi Swanson
  3. Kate Hovland
  4. Steph Osuji
  5. Kari Soderberg

Draft Authors 

This team has permissions on the site for creating article drafts and is responsible for submitting content updates when the need arises (they will rep the broader CSR team in this fashion).

  • Service Techs team

Subject Matter Area Reviewers 

This team is responsible for reviewing all drafted articles sent from the Editor team. 

  • CSR:
    • Mark Erickson
    • Jodi Sprangers
    • Emily Erickson
  • COMS: Alicia Lenz
  • Account Administrator Coordination and Contributions:
    • Kathleen Moench
    • John Ruby
    • Jeanna Hanschen
  • Account Managers: Tracy Lundholm
  • Compliance:
    • Ryan McArton
    • Stacey Carvell
  • Transactions and Quality:
    • Becky Forschen
    • Jina Weis
  • Operations Business Analyst: Lisa Eder
  • Documentation Management: Kat Fuoss
  • Forms management: Ian Lew
  • Partner learning site experiences:
    • Dyan Daniels - CareFirst
    • Craig Romano - Horizon

Updates Inform list

This list receives a weekly email with all updates to the site. 

  • PDL Market Development
  • PDL SA Sales and Acct Mgmt Teams
  • PDL SelectAccount Service
  • PDL SA Strategy & Product


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