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Content Reporting and Optimization

This page details the reports that the site administrators can use to monitor content performance.

We should be reviewing our content reports and using the information in them to optimize our content on a regular basis. Each month, here are the reports to review:

Community Scoring Report

Found here.

  • The higher the score, the better it's performing.
  • The higher the votes, the more people care about the content.
  • Look for content with a low score and a high number of votes. This content needs to be fixed.
  • Download this report as a CSV so you can get additional information (for example, how many votes came from Further employees vs. anonymous users.

Each month: Find a few articles that should be fixed and send them to the Publisher so he can assign an editor. This information won't tell us why the page is performing poorly, but we can at least review it with SMEs to find ways to improve it.


Found here.

  • Search terms with a lot of hits show us what our audience cares about.
  • Search terms with no clicked results should be reviewed and we should add the search terms (and suggested pages) to our search keywords list.
  • Set the search report range to 30 days so you can review the last month's search terms.

Each month: Make note of the top hits to see what content we could feature more prominently. Find search terms with many hits but no clicked results and fine-tune the search keywords list.

Content Aging

Found here.

  • Older content should be reviewed to make sure it is still current and accurate.
  • Older content with a low rating should be improved or potentially cut (if no longer relevant).

Each quarter: Download this report as a CSV and filter the "age" column to find any content older than 100 days. Review this information to make sure it's still accurate.


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