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Getting Content Reviewed

This page outlines the process for getting review of drafted content from the subject matter area reviewers list. It also includes steps for finalizing content and signaling that it's ready to be published.

When content has been drafted and edited, it must be reviewed by our subject matter area reviewers. This list includes: 

This team is responsible for reviewing all drafted articles sent from the Editor team. 

  • CSR Techs:
    • Francine LeMoine/Rosie Kozlowski (cc)
    • Kelsey Ringstad
  • COMS: Alicia Lenz
  • Account Administrator Coordination and Contributions:
    • Kathleen Moench
    • John Ruby
    • Julie Dukart
  • Account Managers: Anne Larsen
  • Sales: Joel Stitch
  • Compliance:
    • Ryan McArton
    • Diane Slyman
  • Transactions and Quality:
    • Becky Forschen
    • Jina Weis - Claims
    • Thea McCrossen - Quality Assurance
  • OBS: Paul Larsen 
  • Documentation Management: Dan Koeneman
  • Forms management: Jenna Hedlund
  • Partner learning site experiences:
    • Dyan Daniels - CareFirst
    • Craig Romano - Horizon

The editor is responsible for soliciting and managing review from the subject matter area reviewers.

When you are ready for review: 

  1. Find the draft of the page doing one of the following:
    • Navigate to the page and click View Draft in the pink status bar at the top of the page.
    • Find the draft in the Draft manager list
  2. Set the status of the draft page to: Ready for SME review.
  3. Copy and paste the contents of the page into a Word document.
    If you have only changed part of the page, highlight the new content so that reviewers know what to look at. You can also include comments in the Word doc to direct reviewers' attentions.
  4. Within Word, make sure to turn track changes on.
  5. Upload the document to the For Review folder. You must have access to this folder. Contact Peter Ryan if you do not.
  6. Right-click the document you uploaded and select "Get Link".
  7. Send an email to the entire Subject Matter Area Reviewers list. Use the email template included below and insert your copied link in the email. You must also change the due date and your name.

Review email

Use this Outlook template 

Send the email to everyone in the subject matter area reviewers list. Include Kat and Ian in the CC line.

Finalizing the document

  1. After four business days, open the Word doc and apply feedback. Follow up with reviewers as needed.If you are not applying a reviewer's feedback, make sure to follow up with them to explain why.
  2. In a comment at the top of the draft, add the names of all MindTouch endpoints that the draft will be published to.
  3. Set the status of the page to Ready to Publish. This will signal to the Publisher that the page is ready to be published.



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